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My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.”

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Because those hugs released needed endorphins and because my lab partner randomly said “I’m gonna bring you cookies tomorrow. You work too hard” and actually came through with some and then my trife tribe decides to pull a mission to get us boba. Haha and then I got to bond with my cousin for a while. Last but not least not only did I get to see my mom and siblings after missing them so much, Freddy came by after work to make me chocolate covered strawberries with peanuts. Cuz these people really did make my day and I’m really thankful to each and everyone of them cuz I got spoiled with not only the food but their good company😊👍

I miss them, so much. More than I normally do. They mean the world to me. Literally, I would do anything for each and everyone one of them because they are my little munchkins. I’m beyond proud each and everyone one of them. I honestly cannot fathom how anyone could ever say “I hate my brother” or “I can’t stand my sister” because I just love mine so much. They are family and family will always be there for you. Whenever I can, I give them money when I go back home or try to buy them whatever they need but don’t ask for. They all work so hard and don’t ask for very much in return and I love spoiling them because their happiness plays a huge part in mine. If anyone were to mess with me or even cause the slightest of pain to them, they’ll hear it from me because no one, I mean NO ONE, should be upsetting them. These pictures as well as the many other ones makes me smile and honestly, I’m so blessed to have siblings like them. Even though they aren’t perfect, they all are unique and special and I love them just the way they are. They make me beyond happy. They are a huge part of the reason I always try to hard in school and just always push myself. They are part of the reason that I always try to be my best. They are the reason I don’t give up. They are the main reason my favorite number is four. They are the driving force behind so many things that I do.
I miss being able to see them and even when I could never keep a clean room for more than a couple of days cuz they’d mess it up and leave their stuff in my room, I wouldn’t care because to know that they are comfortable enough to come into my room and watch tv or hang out with me in my room was something I cherished. I miss just goofing off in my room and doing weird antics on a random week nights and days or just staying in to watch movies with them. I especially miss how we would all some how squeeze on my bed and sleep together just to wake up like a Tetris puzzle all over each other.
I miss being able to wake up early just to drive them to school and wake up on weekends just make them breakfast. I miss the endless tag games we’d have or going to the park just to chill together. I miss taking care of them or spoiling them with food or watching as they fell asleep. I miss kissing them good bye before I’d leave or having them to come home to and watching how they fell asleep waiting for me to come home. I miss their presence and I miss them so much. I love them more than I could ever say and I thank God every night for blessing me with my number one, my pretty girl, and my precious child from above

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You’re sad? I’ll cheer you up.
You’re upset? I’d love to listen.
All you have to do is come to me, you know I’ll be there for you.
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